About me

Ameena Siddique is a Production Coordinator, Animator and Illustrator who was born and raised in Toronto, ON Canada. 

She studied the several different art forms such as Dance, Drama, Fine Arts and Media Studies at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts in Toronto. 

In 2010, she moved to beautiful rainy Vancouver, BC Canada to attend Vancouver Film School where she obtained her diplomas in:
  • Classical Animation (2D Animation -Traditional Hand Drawn and Flash/ToonBoom) 
  • Digital Character Animation (CGI Animation - Maya)  
Shortly after graduating she worked a stereo conversion studio in Vancouver called Gener8. She spent most of her time there working on the film 300: Rise of an Empire and had touched upon the Trailers for Thor: The Dark World and Godzilla. 
She then moved to rainier Manchester, UK to start a new adventure; where she worked a stop motion animation studio called Factory Creative for a year and half. While she was there, she ventured into the production side of the industry and have grown from being a Production Assistant to being a Production Coordinator for a film quality TV series for BBC called Scream Street.  

She's now returning back to Toronto to be closer with family and hopes to continue her career path there.

Fun Fact: Ameena is an Arabic name that means honesty.

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