Visual Development

Here are some of my illustrations. At the moment I only have background designs, but I'll have some character sketches posted up soon. I would really like to land a job as a background painter, so I'm slowly building up my portfolio. 

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Background Designs and Illustrations 

House in the Koots - Illustration

Trailer in the Koots - Illustration

 Dance Like No One is Watching! - Illustration

Modern 50's Pin Up Girl - Illustration 
Country / City Illustration Series - Illustration

First Snow Fall for this Winter - Illustration
Skate the Day Away - Illustration

Double Fisting Chocolate Bars! - Illustration

Let it Shine - Illustration 
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Toronto Backyard - Illustration

Beach Crawl - Pin-Up Sunday #2 - Illustration

Chelsea the Archaeologist - Realistic Illustration

Chelsea Digging - Cartoon Illustration

Morning Bliss - Illustration from my "Pin-Up Sundays" Series

Pumpkin Field - Illustration

Bird's Nest in the Sunset
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Saturday Afternoon
Christina Lake
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Western California - Night Version  
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Western California - Day Version 
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Season Series: Winter 2013-2014

Character Development 

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