Friday, October 25, 2013

My Time at Gener8!

Back in March 2013 I worked for a great new up and coming studio called Gener8 Digital Media Corp. They're a 3D conversion studio, which means that they take footage that's filmed on a 2D camera and convert it so it pops out in 3D. I worked as a Rotomation Artist, so my job was to take the 2D plates and animated 3D characters and geometry to match what was going on in the scene with Maya and make sure it popped out property in 3D with a software called Stereo Conversion.

I had a really great experience while I was there, the atmosphere was very much like the atmosphere at Vancouver Film School so it felt very friendly. I would highly recommend new grads to apply to Gener8, it's a great way to get into the industry. It's very hands on training, and you get to work on blockbuster movies, what more can you ask for as a fresh grad. If your an animator looking for a job in the Vancouver area, I'd say try them out. Apply as a rotomation artist, you're animation is basically cheating since you're animating to a plate, and you get to do some modelling! If you're a modeller, apply for the rotomation position as well, as there's a quite a bit of modelling involved.

This is a photo of our Asset Team while I was there. 
The Asset Team consist of Matchmove Artists, Rotoscope Artists, and Rotomation Artists

This is a photo of the whole company while I was there. 
So basically everyone I mentioned before along with the CEO's, Producers, Compositors, ASub, BSub etc.

If you're interesting in Gener8, here is there website: Gener8's Website

Here's also a video if you wanted to learn more about what they do...

I'll be sure to post up what projects I worked on once I get the go ahead from them (which won't be till Spring 2014).

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